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Laster, James

Catalogue of choral music arranged in biblical order : Supplement / James H. Laster. - Lanham, Md. ; London : Scarecrow Press, 2002. - vii, 107 p. ; 29 cm.

Part 1 Preface Part 2 List of Abbreviations Part 3 The Old Testament Chapter 4 Genesis Chapter 5 Exodus Chapter 6 Leviticus Chapter 7 Numbers Chapter 8 Deuteronomy Chapter 9 Joshua Chapter 10 Judges Chapter 11 I Samuel Chapter 12 I Chronicles Chapter 13 II Chronicles Chapter 14 Nehemiah Chapter 15 Job Chapter 16 Psalms Chapter 17 Proverbs Chapter 18 Ecclesiastes Chapter 19 Song of Songs Chapter 20 Isaiah Chapter 21 Jeremiah Chapter 22 Lamentations Chapter 23 Ezekiel Chapter 24 Daniel Chapter 25 Hosea Chapter 26 Joel Chapter 27 Micah Chapter 28 Habukkuk Chapter 29 Zephaniah Chapter 30 Zechariah Chapter 31 Malachi Part 32 The Apocrypha Chapter 33 Judith Chapter 34 Prayer of Azariah Chapter 35 Baruch Part 36 The New Testament Chapter 37 Matthew Chapter 38 Mark Chapter 39 Luke Chapter 40 John Chapter 41 Acts Chapter 42 Romans Chapter 43 I Corinthians Chapter 44 II Corinthians Chapter 45 Galatians Chapter 46 Ephesians Chapter 47 Phillippians Chapter 48 Colossians Chapter 49 I Thessalonians Chapter 50 II Thessalonians Chapter 51 I Timothy Chapter 52 II Timothy Chapter 53 Philemon Chapter 54 Hebrews Chapter 55 James Chapter 56 I Peter Chapter 57 I John Chapter 58 Revelation Part 59 Composer Index Part 60 Title Index Part 61 Collection Information Part 62 About the Compiler.

The Supplement continues the tradition of the Catalogue in that it is designed as an aid for the church musician and or pastor seeking to plan unified worship services. It will also be of use to those church musicians who follow the Liturgical Calender and plan music appropriate to the appointed lessons, as well as a source for non-church choir directors who would like to locate choral settings based on a particular passage from Scripture. The Supplement emphasizes music published since 1995, or titles that were overlooked in the previous editions. Entries are arranged from Genesis through Revelation. Each main entry citation provides the biblical reference (book, chapter, and verse), as well as a reference to additional passages from Scripture used in the anthem. The composer, arranger, or editor and the title are listed as they appear on the octavo. Information on voicing, solos, and instrumental accompaniment is noted; the name of the publisher, the most recent date of publication and the octavo number appear at the end of each citation, where information on instrumental parts, other versions of the same title, and collections where the work might appear are also listed. Composer and title indexes round off the work. -- Review: This supplement to the second edition of the Catalogue of Choral Music Arranged in Biblical Order emphasizes music published since 1995, as well as titles that were overlooked in previous editions. The entries are either single octavos or titles found in anthem collections, and consist a main entry and cross references. Publisher, date, and compiler for each collection can be located in the Collection information. Compiled by James H. Lester (Emeritus, Shenandoah Conservatory of Shenandoah U.) Reference and Research Book News, May 2002.



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