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Beyond VIAF - Wikidata as a complementary tool for authority control in libraries. Tables

VIAF statistics are based on viaf-20200906-clusters_xml.gz
Wikidata statistics are based on customized dump

VIAF dumps are available at and are updated once a month. Previous dumps are not available in
While Wikidata customized dumps are available through for a limited period of time, their descriptions are permanent.
The article is available on the ITAL website at Data and scripts are available on Zenodo.

VIAF statistics

  • Number of clusters:
  • Number of personal clusters:
  • arrow down Table 1: VIAF personal clusters by number of sources
  • arrow down Table 2: VIAF personal clusters by source
  • arrow down Table 3: VIAF history of personal clusters by source

Wikidata statistics

  • Number of items: 90,260,081 (2020-10-22)
  • Number of personal items: 8,304,947 (2020-10-22)
  • Number of personal items containing VIAF id:
  • arrow down Table 4: Wikidata personal items by number of ids
  • arrow down Table 5: Wikidata personal items by VIAF source
  • arrow down Table 6: Wikidata personal items by non-VIAF source
  • arrow down Table 7: Wikidata personal items by biographical dictionary
  • arrow down Table 8: Wikidata personal items by repeated VIAF sources and VIAF source ids

Stefano Bargioni, Carlo Bianchini, Camillo Carlo Pellizzari di San Girolamo - 2020-10-22.
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